Lay - 140730 Celebrity Chef Has Arrived’s weibo update: “#你们为何这么叼#能歌善舞就算了,颜居然还很好,更可怕的是竟然还点了烹饪的技能点!说好的美女不做饭美男烧厨房呢!但想到像张艺兴@努力努力再努力x 这样的男神会捧着亲手制作的美食对镜头微笑,也是醉了。这样的LAY,只在江苏卫视《星厨驾到》!PS:最后那罪恶之手是闹哪样!放开那个男神”

Translation: “#Why is he so amazing? #Not only can he sing and dance well, with an even better face, but what shocks are his cooking skills! There is a saying that beautiful girls can’t cook and handsome males end up burning the kitchen! But I have never imagined a male God like Zhang Yixing would present food he cooked himself, while smiling at the camera, I’m dazed. You can only see this kind Lay on Jiangsu Cable’s ‘Celebrity Chef Has Arrived’! PS: What is that final culprit doing! Let go of that male God.”

Credit: 江苏卫视广告营销部.

Happy Birthday Laura <3 - July 28th.

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Announcing Season 3 anime Junjou Romantica * O * 

Reported in Volume 18 of the manga.


枝垂れ桜 (by Saki-Chi)

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